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Chris Huffman is an NHI (National Highway Institute) certified senior instructor who offers in-person and virtual training for programs on topics such as Access Management,  Implementation Planning, and Right of Way. Chris’ expertise has been developed over a lifetime of working with government agencies to design, develop and deliver training and programs for:

Right of Way

Navigating the complex systems surrounding Right of Way requires specialized skills and insight. Chris Huffman has spent decades helping city, state and national government agencies analyze and implement Right of Way best practices for a variety of projects.

As an expert in Right of Way procedure, Chris Huffman is the ideal candidate for consulting work. His ability to plug into larger consultancies allows your team to benefit from Chris’ expertise no matter how large or small the project.

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Recent Right of Way Involvement:

City of Andover, KS

Chris was asked by the City of Andover, KS to comply with federal and state requirements (Uniform Act) (49CFR Part 24) to deliver turnkey Right of Way solutions.

Kansas Turnpike Authority

Chris Huffman headed up the team that handled the Right of Way phase for the Kansas Turnpike between Greenwich and 127th Street East in Wichita, Kansas. He was specifically chosen for his ROW expertise to handle this incredibly busy and complex project.

National Projects:

Project: Analyzing negative equity in residential areas

Chris Huffman served as Principal Investigator for this project that analyzed over 37 million residential sale records dating back to 2006 to measure recovery of equity in the residential real estate market at the state and zip-code levels.

Project: Best practices for use of waver evaluations

Working with Cadmus, Chris Huffman served as Principal Investigator and conducted a nationwide survey to determine the effectiveness of the waiver valuation program. This project identified best practices, and recommended strategies to improve implementation of the waiver valuation program.

Project: Alternative uses of Right of Way

Chris served as Principal Investigator on a two-pronged project that investigated nationwide best practices in property management and alternative uses of excess rights-of-way. This project, completed September 2021, is part of a larger effort on the part of the Federal Highway Administration to enhance flexibility and reliability in the stewardship of publicly owned rights-of-way.


Policy & Program

When it comes to policy and program Chris Huffman is always the right choice. With similar approaches to asset management, Chris has helped entities (like the Georgia DOT) develop plans for right-sizing (NCHRP Report 917) their approaches to management of their remnant parcel inventory and their approach to corridor management. Working through Metro Analytics, these applications are about having  the right capacities in the right place at the right time. This included application  of intergovernmental partnerships and public private partnerships.

Chris Huffman is equally credentialed on both sides of the ROW line. His experience makes him the ideal person to mediate the complex interactions between public roadways (supply) and private property (demand).

Corridor Management

Corridor inventory and assessment helps agencies see what their corridor is now, visualize where they want it to be, and understand the gaps between the two. Chris Huffman is uniquely qualified to develop and implement the plan and anticipate the challenges of getting from where you are to where you want to be.

In corridor management, there are NO shortcuts. Sequencing is absolutely key for success. Chris will make sure that all the right steps are in place, and that they’re taken in the correct order.

Performance Measurement

Performance measurement clarifies, defines, and explains what the success of your project or program looks like. The goal of this summative performance assessment is to define success as clearly and as measurably as possible.

To measure progress toward success,  formative performance measures are used to track progress toward each target, threshold, or trend along the path  to  success. Chris Huffman’s role is to determine the safety, mobility, economy, administrative and livability performance measures that make the most sense for each project or program.


Chris, in working with Metro Analytics, has also developed expertise to help agencies evaluate risk tolerance, and target investments to protect or enhance resilience in infrastructure, economy, community, and critical function.

Property Evaluation

Property evaluation is critical when entering the planning and development phase of any project. Chris Huffman’s equal expertise on both sides of the right-of-way line allow him to analyze parcel impacts from a project, and the degree of impact to each.

In a current project through Metro Analytic for the North Alabama Regional Council of Governments (NARCOG) Chris is performing detailed real estate market analyses to determine the highest and best use for 10 parcels across four counties. He devised and developed five use groups which are applied to the ten sites to determine best use. An implementation plan for the marketing of these parcels will soon follow.

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