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Connection Management

Creating the right synergy between transportation and land use is critical for developing successful corridors. Chris Huffman’s understanding of access, intersection, median, and curb management is one of a kind.


Access Management

Understanding the physical connection between public roadways and private property is essential. Chris Huffman is a national expert on this topic, and is familiar with the best practices and case law precedents to ensure that access points are located with both public safety and property rights in mind.

Intersection Management

Designing the point where two public roadways intersect is no small task. Chris Huffman’s extensive knowledge of intersection management in terms of design, function and control features is invaluable when dealing with the safety and efficiency of the intersections, the corridor, and the network.

Median Management

Median configurations such as undivided, two-way left turn land (TWLTL), and non-traversable medians are an important element of the roadway for all users. Non-traversable medians are often unpopular with business owners, but they provide for safer operation of the corridor, opportunities for place-making, and pedestrian/bicycle refuge.

Curb Mangement

Location of transit stops and pick-up/drop-off zones is becoming increasingly important. Every access connection complicates this, and the synergy between access, intersection, median, and curb must be considered as a complete picture, and within the context of the corridor.

Right of Way

Right of Way as it pertains to Uniform Act and Impact analysis is Chris Huffman’s area of expertise. When you need to make informed decisions backed by decades of understanding, research and data, there’s no better man for the job.

Uniform Act

Chris Huffman provides specialized Uniform Act and RoW services that most organizations don't have in-house. With his level of expertise, Chris can easily plug in to larger engineering and architecture firms to advise on specific aspects of, or entire projects.

Impact Analysis

When looking toward the future, Chris Huffman is the best option for providing impact analysis. With decades of experience, Chris Huffman knows how to identify patterns that can accurately predict outcomes on projects looking 5 or more years into the future.

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