Traffic Engineering

Huffman is an NCEES Registered Professional Engineer with nearly 20 years of engineering experience, allowing him to be an expert on traffic engineering.

Traffic Impact Analysis
After many years of experience, Huffman points that traffic impact analysis is the lynchpin to understanding the relationship between land use (economic) systems and transportation systems. Analyzing this complex relationship is a calculus of numerous variables, many of which are non-rational. Elements of specific site traffic generation, market analysis, distribution of new traffic over the network, and analysis of needed transportation improvements is a jigsaw puzzle of which half the pieces are the analysis and the other half is the reporting of the results. For more information on how Huffman can help, please contact HCC.

Access and Corridor Management
transportation and land use.jpg
Huffman designed, developed, and was the first administrator for the Kansas Corridor Management Program. It was the first statewide program of its kind in the country and the first to consider transportation and land use in conjunction with one another when dealing with issues of access to private property. Huffman has served on several technical review panels for the NCHRP on the subjects of access and corridor management.

Technical Training
Huffman is a Certified Instructor for the National Highway Institute, and a 2009 Certificate of Excellence recipient. He has designed, developed, and conducted training for dozens of groups across the country. See more on the training tab.

Development Coordination
As both a Professional Engineer AND a Real Property Appraiser, Huffman has a unique understanding of land use/transportation interaction, and can analyze and troubleshoot from multiple perspectives.