Huffman Teaches At 3rd International Conference On Access Management In South Africa.

September 1, 2015

PRETORIA, SOUTH AFRICA– July 6-7, 2016. Chris Huffman of Martens Appraisal and Huffman Corridor Consulting was selected again to present at the 3rd Annual International Conference on Access Management to be held in the summer of 2016. Chris has presented at the previous two conferences—Athens, Greece (2011) and Shanghai, China (2014). Huffman has taught courses on “Access Management Techniques” at the two past conferences and has sat on the expert panel for final discussions.

Before going international, the U.S. held nine successful domestic conferences on access management. Huffman has presented at five of the nine, and was the host of the 2004 conference in Kansas City, Missouri. The first international conference was well attended by engineers, architects, planners, consultants, developers and academics from around the globe. Huffman and other instructors shared the latest knowledge, expertise and experience to help facilitate the integration of access management into established planning, policy and design processes.

What is Access Management?

Broadly speaking, access management is the regulation and creation of interchanges, intersections, driveways and median openings to a roadway. Huffman explains this complex subject using an anatomy metaphor: “In access management, everything works together like organs in the body: the roads, the traffic, the land management – everything. If one organ is missing, the body won’t function properly.” Huffman continues: “Ideally, I consult in the early stages, before a corridor project is built. However, there are many cases where I am brought in after the project has begun, or even after a corridor project is completed, and at that point, the situation is very complex. Obviously it is best if I am brought in during the beginning stages, because it is much, much less expensive to plan it out properly from the beginning, as opposed to trying to correct a problem that has already been constructed.”

However, access management is not only about making traffic run smoothly and safely, but also about economic sustainability. In Greece, this was an important topic, and understanding that our past behaviors can not be continued was preached by the experts. Huffman explains, “We can not afford to keep building corridors that we will eventually have to destroy, just because we want immediate gratification. It takes thoughtful planning and experience to build economically sustainable access management.”


Huffman’s expertise as both a Professional Engineer and Certified General Appraiser is unique. The fact that he is a ‘one-stop-shop’ allows for faster problem solving, a sustainable “big-picture” project plan and expedited results. In fact, there are few other individuals around the globe that have the unique combination of knowledge and experience to match Huffman’s. Additionally, Huffman is a Kansas Supreme Court Approved Civil Mediator. A public policy resolution dispute usually involves numerous parties and can be very time consuming. Chris helps with communication and mediation, assuring the successful completion of a project.

The graphic on the next page represents the components of access management, how they overlap, and how Huffman’s expertise is central to successful corridor projects:


About Chris Huffman

Chris Huffman is a Professional Engineer with nearly 20 years of experience in transportation – most of that experience with management, location and design of access.  Huffman founded and administered the Corridor Access Management program of the Kansas Department of Transportation and has conducted and reviewed traffic impact analyses and development plans for countless economic developments.  Huffman joined Martens Appraisal in 2005. He combines his expertise in valuation and transportation engineering in both appraisal and consulting projects. His certifications include: Certified General Real Property Appraiser – Kansas No. G-2537; Certified General Real Estate Appraiser – Missouri No. 2008018065; and Kansas Professional Engineer – No. 14916.

Additionally, Huffman has over 15 years experience with the Kansas Department of Transportation and over 10 years experience working with the Transportation Research Board. He has served as a member of the Access Management and the Eminent Domain and Land Use Committees. Chris chaired the 2004 TRB National Access Management Conference in Kansas City and has served on numerous National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) panels.

Huffman’s Certifications

  • State Certified Appraiser
  • NCEES Registered Professional Engineer (National Council of Examiners for Engineer Surveyors)
  • Kansas Supreme Court Approved Civil Mediator
  • Certified Instructor for the National Highway Institute

About Huffman Corridor Consulting

HCC provides expertise and leadership in land use, access and transportation corridor management. HCC understands the planning, public policy, engineering and valuation elements of both land use and transportation. These elements are crucial to the safety and operation of the transportation system as well as the efficiency and sustainability of economic development. HCC has a unique aptitude to solve the complex issues involving the management, location and design of points of access between the surface transportation network and private property.

About Martens Appraisal

Martens Appraisal has been providing commercial real estate services since 1948. Under the leadership of three MAI’s (Members of the Appraisal Institute), its appraisal team comprises over 100 years of combined experience.
Martens Appraisal offers expertise in a wide variety of property types including: hotels, medical facilities, office, retail, mini-storage facilities, industrial facilities, multi-family or residential development, as well as commercial properties that might be considered somewhat uncommon. Martens Appraisal is based in Wichita, Kansas with offices in Lawrence and Overland Park, Kansas. It serves clients throughout the Midwest with particular emphasis in the Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma markets. • 316-263-6161