• Merging

    Traffic, Access and Land Use Management

  • Traffic Engineering

    Huffman is an NCEES Registered Professional Engineer with nearly 20 years of engineering experience, allowing him to be an expert on traffic engineering.

  • Real Property Valuation

    Huffman works with the professionals at Martens Appraisal, and is a state certified appraiser.

  • Dispute Resolution

    Huffman is a Kansas Supreme Court Approved Mediator.

  • Expert Witness Services

    Huffman has functioned as an expert witness and as a litigation consultant in matters of condemnation and inverse condemnation.

  • GSA contract holder Contract GS-33F-024BA

HCC provides expertise and leadership in land use, access and transportation corridor management. HCC understands the planning, public policy, engineering and valuation elements of both land use and transportation. These elements are crucial to the safety and operation of the transportation system as well as the efficiency and sustainability of economic development. HCC has a unique aptitude to solve the complex issues involving the management, location and design of points of access between the surface transportation network and private property.

HCC is registered on the Central Contractor Registration site of the US General Services Administration.